Jago Desain

We realize that the documents we provide are less understood for users, many users still have difficulty reading and studying the documents we provide, therefore we are currently working on a new document, we hope this update will be more useful for loyal users of our theme.

Document rewriting is still not complete, you may find some documents are still blank, sorry for the inconvenience. Old documents will still be available in a few days, you can use the search feature provided to access them, or go to docs.jagodesain.com/search.


Guidelines and general information to help set up your new theme.

This document covers the installation, setup, and use of this theme and provides answers and solutions to common problems and issues — we encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties.

We are very thankful to you for buying our product legaly, we hope this documentation help you to understand how our theme work.

If you find this documentation not covering your issues, do not hesiate to email or send your question to our Support Form. We also open for suggestion to make this documentation better.